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Daryl has teamed up with a qualified and registered clinical counsellor/hypnotherapist (Sue Lee Chong) to offer a multi-layered wellbeing service. Over the years Daryl has spotted many areas for improvement when it comes to dealing with traumas, mental health illnesses, life events and more. 

Daryl believes that, in order to give a person the best chance for positive change, one must address all aspects of individual wellbeing simultaneously. This way, the person seeking assistance, guidance, answers, support and change, can potentially achieve this by combining different services from the same place with the same people:

  • talking & listening therapies 

  • physical exercise & fitness training

  • hypnotherapy treatments

  • lifestyle management sessions

  • stress relief & relaxation

None of us are immune to mental, emotional or physical stress! We all have things we are working through but every now and again we need some support. This is why Daryl and Sue are very excited about launching this new combined service which can help with:

  1. Understanding & dealing with your mental health illnesses such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and more

  2. Managing stress-related ill health from education, work, family, relationships, financial difficulties etc

  3. Coping and processing traumas, unexpected life events/changes, bereavements etc

  4. Dealing with addictions, bad habits and understanding the psychology behind it

  5. Increasing joint mobility & flexibility, developing cardio vascular and muscular stamina, endurance, speed, power, strength, size, shape and definition

  6. Organising and structuring your daily/weekly lives in order to make time for yourself, those you love and the things you love to do

Contact personal trainer Daryl or counsellor Sue for more details.

sue@slccounselling.co.uk - 07932409371 - www.slccounselling.co.uk


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