COMING SOON - New Support Group For Doncaster Residents = 1st June 2020

I am currently developing a new positive and inspiring peer-led support group which is aimed at helping people in Doncaster deal with their difficulties regarding mental health & substance misuse during this COVID-19 period.

I know it's tough, I've got my own struggles so I genuinely understand that we all have our own weights pushing us down to the ground but let me tell you this - you can carry that weight because within you right now in this very moment is the ability to straighten them legs, stand tall, lift your head, look straight and press that weight into the air over and over again.

Chances are that you won't believe this if you're in the middle of a struggle and I get that but my support group will offer you an opportunity to gain additional information and guidance on aspects of well-being that will help you make some positive changes in order to bring about multiple beneficial adaptations to your everyday life.

Plus, if you know about me already you know that I'm not a professionally qualified mental health worker but my colleague is and she's a counselor & clinical hypnotherapist whom I admire greatly and have absolute faith in her abilities as a professional.

Keep checking in on my website and Facebook page for details about this new support group and other projects that I'm developing for our wonderfully weird community of Doncaster.

We all need a helping hand at times and I'm certainly no exception -please don't be as stubborn as I was and occasionally can be because you risk spiraling down until you hit the ground head on - this almost happened to me on at least 3 occasions so again, please try to be open to letting in something or someone who's been there, done that, got the t-shirt and beginning to wear it proudly.

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