Fitness & Exercise Is Back May 2020

This COVID-19 period has been eye opening for most of us and with the restrictions of isolation and social distancing enforced, our ability to live a healthy life has been tested. If you're anything similar to me, you have probably not been exercising or looking after yourself as good as you could...but don't worry because I'm here to help...

My personal trainer services have now been resumed and my sessions are discounted down to only £15 per hourly session. So let's get back on it and I'll get you back in shape and give you the motivation and guidance you need to start feeling on top of the world again.

I train outdoors only and my home turf is the 'Town Fields' in Doncaster. I've already trained a few clients and they've loved being there whilst exercising and of course you've got me for company - what more do you need hahaha.

Get in contact and let's go...


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