My Mission Statement October 2020

Sometimes in life you have to stand up for what you know is right to yourself and I know this...Doncaster is my town, I lived here almost all my life and I have seen a constant decline in the ability of local mental health and substance recovery services to provide adequate crisis intervention during COVID-19 regarding face-to-face support.

Because of my past regarding suicide and in particular how I was used to promote other Doncaster businesses and organisations within the area, I cannot stand by whilst our local council and services don't make crisis intervention an instant and actionable response.


I, Daryl J Cauvin aim to: encourage DMBC to create an emergency crisis response unit in Doncaster to provide a physical location for people to attend and talk face-to-face with a mixture of peer support and professionals to receive counselling assistance in a secure and COVID safe environment - to prevent more suicides within Doncaster this Christmas 2020.


The harsh reality is that people are more likely to take their lives when in crisis mode because they do not have the right type of immediate intervention. Face-to-face talking & support gives the person in crisis a sense of not being as alone as their feelings and thoughts lead them to believe.

By providing a secure physical location that people that people can attend, will significantly increase the potential to save actual lives by offering support that they can not provide to themselves in their current moments.


Well, it's quite simple for you - please share my post on every social media platform you have to help create awareness of the my intention for the people in our community. By doing this one thing you are massively helping me spread the word that I cannot fulfill by myself.


If you are able to do this and it's a completely free choice, that would mean the absolute world to me. Local services didn't save me - spiritual intervention saved my life and since recording my look north segment for the BBC and the interview detailing my first suicide attempt for Doncaster council, I have received no correspondence from the suicide prevention team that invited me to tell my story at a conference held at the Keep Moat stadium.

I have been taken advantage of because of my ability to articulate otherwise difficult thoughts and feelings regarding depression, anxiety, addictions and suicidal experiences. I WILL NOT STAND BY AND DO NOTHING.

If you want to save lives - provide a life line!!!

by Daryl Cauvin

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