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Doncaster Wool Market are so lucky to have me 😂

Now I've been away from social media for a few months and since being rejected funding for my mental health community support group I decided to focus on one thing - ME.

Opportunity didn't knock so I built a door and I couldn't be happier about this. Since then I have got my own store located in Doncasters Market Place @ the Wool Market selling home gym & yoga equipment, workout programmes and running one-to-one personal training sessions from within.

In addition, I am incredibly proud to announce a new collaborative well-being project I have running with a therapeutic counsellor & clinical hypnotherapist - who just so happens to be related to me...Hi Mum 🤣

The best thing about having doors slammed in your face is that it forces you to redirect your energy and focus...I have done exactly that whilst really struggling with an intense flare up of addictive habits and my depression. I'd love to say I didn't cave in but that would be a lie --- I caved!

Something I've recently relearnt, is that within me is all the tools I needed to make the necessary changes to step out of the junkyard and into the funkyard haha. What I mean is that, we so often forget that we've come so far and it's easy to fall back into the bad habits, negative thinking and irrational behaviours that led us into despair.

Let me remind you of this and I probably share a lot in too may already have all the tools within you but you might require some assistance to help you reach them - that's where we come in.

Don't let fear stop you from reaching for the stars or living the happiest life you can, especially when COVID is around us constantly. Fear is basically this:





Fear is a by product of physical, mental and emotional past negative experience. We become scared or fearful of situations in our present or future which remind us of a similar past experience.

Unfortunately, many of us, myself included, live by fear and not intrigue. This then stops us moving forward with a positive approach because we are essentially recreating feelings from our past into our present and then mentally saying to ourselves - 'see, this is the feeling I was trying to avoid'. Then our actions stop as fear is a protective mode...

LIGHTBULB MOMENT - - - no matter how painful the past experiences were or how familiar the current circumstances are to the past, NOTHING IN THE PRESENT HAS ANY REALITY BASED EVIDENCE OF BEING TRUE.

Our minds have simply protected us but in such a negative way that we struggle to see the differences. So what do we do about this???

Contact Sue Lee Chong, counsellor & hypnotherapist on 07932 409371 to book a free 30 minute consultation and let her guide you thereafter.

There is always something we can do to eradicate the fear within us that stops us from feeling the healthy type of fear otherwise known as worry. Worry is a very natural emotion but it has a logical mental approach to it so try to live in worry and not fear.

Come and see me in-store if you fancy a chat - au revoir ✌

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