About Input 4 Lifestyle aka Daryl J Cauvin

I have this belief that everybody deserves to be happy and living in complete abundance - but I know, through experience and understanding, that life isn't always like this.

Since I was a teenager I've struggled with drugs, alcohol, depression, anxiety, poverty & isolation which led to addictions, despair, negativity, loneliness & suicide - but guess what - I'M STILL HERE & I'M STILL TRYING!!!


Call me a dreamer but I see life as an opportunity to reach your highest level of overall satisfaction (Well-Being) therefore I've broken life down into segments which I can help you with:

- Physical Health, Fitness & Exercise

- Inspiration & Motivation

- Lifestyle Management

HOWEVER...due to my own personal experiences and background, along with my genuine ability to care for justice when it comes to vulnerable people being exploited or used for personal, business or organisational gain - I'll fight hard to get my little voice heard on the dealings that I've faced and continue to face which are surrounded in appalling professional behaviors with morally questionable ways of operating.

2020, the year the truth comes to light!!


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